Metastatic Ovarian Cancer​

2021. Shirley is a computational biologist and physicist who has worked at iconic institutions such as NASA and Caltech, where solving difficult science and engineering problems was a part of daily life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage IIIc in September, 2013 and is highly motivated to survive to raise her children, aged 3 and 9 years old at the time of diagnosis. As a scientist, she pursued getting her tumor DNA and RNA sequenced under a research protocol at a translational genomics institute, and conducting her own research on the data. In the seven plus years since diagnosis, she has continued to pursue out of the box treatment options based upon her tumor’s molecular characteristics and helped others do the same. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2020, the disease entered a new and more aggressive phase.

We invite all scientists, researchers and medical professionals with intermediate to advanced experience to participate in Shirley's case. Research to the People's cases are Open Participation, Open Data and Open Results. Submitted analysis will remain accessible via GitHub and through this site.


Shirley, as photographed in USC Virterbi Magazine.