Amplifying High Impact Research for COVID-19


Join Research to the People, Stanford Genetics and the wonderful folks in our community to push high impact potential research for COVID-19 forward! As the pandemic worsens, scientists and researchers in our community are increasingly looking for ways to join the fight against COVID-19. Research to the People is helping by amplifying a series of initiatives for people to join. We are enthusiastic to help connect resources and talent. A vast range of skills and knowledge are needed, especially: AI / Machine Learning, Pharmacy, Computation, Genetics, Science Communication - and many more. For the course of COVID-19, we are supporting open scientific projects in Genomics, Drug Discovery and Early Detection Through Wearables.



Our goal is connect talent to high impact potential initiatives for COVID-19. We are using Research to the People to provide structure and an online gathering space for scientists, researchers and developers to collaborate.​ 


We're supporting projects in three scientific and computational verticals:

  1. Genomics

  2. Drug Discovery

  3. Early Detection Through Wearables


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Project talks will be listed here chronologically when scheduled. 



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Video Conferencing - Coming

Communications for this event will happen exclusively over Slack and video conferencing. Research to the People's slack channel is linked below. Other projects may have existing slack channels linked in their project description.



Research to the People's Github

Research to the People's Github is available to collaborate and consolidate projects. Project leaders will individually set objectives, scope and define deliverables. We encourage all results to be made open source for the public benefit. Results will not be judged or critiqued, and there will be no winners or prizes. Submitting results to Research to the People's Github​ will help make your project visible to our community. Results should address a specific area of need regarding COVID-19 and be actionable and / or deployable. 



This event will take place exclusively online. Please see agenda for scheduled talks and join by videoconference.



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Presented in coordination with the Snyder Lab at Stanford University.


Department Of Genetics
Stanford University

The Snyder Lab at Stanford University is a world leader in analyzing genomes, transcriptomes and other omes. In addition to studying the fundamental principles of regulatory networks and analyzing human variation, Dr. Snyder's lab performs deep omics profiling/big data collection on individuals over time to understand what keeps them healthy and what happens when they become ill or undergo other sorts of changes (e.g. diet, etc). This analysis is applied to solving challenging and mystery diseases, along with disease prognosis.