Glioblastoma Grade 4, IDH Mutation

Winter 2019/2020. Tolbert is an entrepreneur who has pursued startups in distribution innovation, and recently CBD products. He is the long time friend and college roommate of Pete. Tolbert was the sole catalyst for Peter's early healthcare and medical startups, which eventually led to the creation of Research to the People. This Fall Tolbert underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Grade 4 with IDH Mutation. As of late November, he has completed chemotherapy.


This case is open to researchers with experience in genomics and cancer biology. Research participants are invited to start working on this case as soon as we have the data up. An in-person research hackathon will also be hosted in the SF Bay Area.

Tolbert in Southern California, 2012

Building Patient Profile

We're working on building a more complete medical profile for Tolbert. If your organization is able to help generate data for this case, we'd love to hear from you. All data will remain open access for ongoing analysis and reference. We're pursuing the following:

  1. Genome

  2. Transciptome

  3. Proteome

  4. Metabolome

  5. CpG Methylation

  6. Copy Number Variation

  7. More

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