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Open Invitation Work Sessions

Historic Brick and Timber Loft in San Francisco.

For Researchers, Technologists and Founders in AI, Bio, and Medicine.

Introducing Coworking @ Research to the People Loft.


In our perpetual effort to build more community at intersection of AI, Bio, and Medicine, we welcome you to book a spot at one of our upcoming coworking events and work alongside other tech and bio innovators for the day.


Contact Us:

Research to the People Loft

  • Gigabit Internet.

  • Fellow Coffee Bar w/ Sightglass Coffee.

  • Two Levels.

  • Private Room for Calls.

  • Full Kitchen.

  • Blu Dot Furniture.

  • Balcony w/ City Views.

  • Concrete Floors and Exposed Wood Beams.

  • Close to Caltrain and BART.

Loft Features

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

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