Patient co-led research and biomedical data analysis for open discovery.

Research to the People is a biomedical research initiative based in San Francisco. We produce healthcare, life sciences, and patient focused research cases featuring medical records, whole genome sequencing, -omics and a range of other data types. Many of the datasets we make available are created with patients. These highly specialized cases are open access and co-led with patients to help direct new research for their conditions. We believe the expandability of collaboration in biomedicine holds the greatest opportunity for discovery and we are thrilled to be one of the few venues creating open research opportunities between patients and researchers. 

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Analyze data and publish results from real patient cases.

Research opportunities open to all levels. As the field of computational biomedicine grows, we are scaling up accelerated educational opportunities for students, and publishing opportunities for advanced researchers. Our primary cases are hosted in-person over the course of an immersive weekend event. Research participants typically have backgrounds in bioinformatics, computational biology, AI, machine learning, medicine or data science. Past research participants have joined from universities including Stanford, UCSF, Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, and organizations including Google, NVIDIA, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, and many more. Our program draws international talent, with results submitted from researchers in Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and India.






Collaborate with research teams for personalized medical insights.

Research to the People helps accelerate patient led research by bringing a research network to each case. Our patient partnerships are highly visible to the scientific community and routinely attract researchers specializing in our focus areas. At the start of a new case, we work with patients to build a data profile from tissue and blood samples. This data usually includes DNA sequencing, Exome, RNA seq, Metabolomics and Proteomics. All patient case data, including the we generate is made available under an open source license and stored in a gated online platform. Researchers in our community apply for patient data access on a case by case basis. Submitted results and analysis remain online and open source for the scientific, medical and educational benefit of the world. Biomedical data, tests and analyses created through Research to the People and our partners are free to patients in our program. Research teams have delivered a wide range of results including: identifying new drug treatment pathways, gene mutations, and potential therapies.


Patient Collaborators

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supporting open biomedicine research. 

Our research cases are made possible through partnerships with universities, enterprise organizations, government agencies, startups, and more. We have received computational cloud resources from Google, DNA sequencing from Invitae, consulting from the NIH, data preparation from DNAnexus, analysis tools from QIAGEN, event space from Salesforce, and much more. Our patient cases highlight organizations across the entire spectrum of creating data to analysis performed on proprietary technology. The relationships organizations have formed with researchers, patients and each other at our events has created a more robust and connected life sciences community in the SF Bay Area and beyond. We're proud to partner widely and non-competitively across both academia and industry. In Winter 2019, We started offering health and medical data cases from our partners, alongside our patient cases.

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